bench sunset

Milli jo Tanhai mein main – khud se
Phir mohabbat khudee se ho gayi !!

– Khushi


You’ve loved me through the thins
and hugged me through tough times
Our fights could not be counted
Yet you partnered me in crimes !!

frowned and yelled at my mischiefs
But to folks you stayed a mime
You are my best friends forever
For our heartbeats are in rhyme.

Love you loads my brothers :) Happy Raksha Bandhan !!


You make me wonder
how you fly so free
You add the thunder
down pours the glee

You are so shapeless
and still in design
be the shades of gray
or the white benign



Inspired by a friend’s post :



Ikraar aankhein jhuka ke hota hai !!
Inkaar aankhein milaa ke hota hai !!
     Tareef — lafzon ki mohtaaj nahi hoti . . . 
uska izhaar toh aankhon mein basa ke hota hai !!!



There will always be people in your life who will

befriend you for what you have
respect you for where you work
invite you for who you bring along
accompany you when you can afford
and remember you by how much you give.

The choice is yours !!

To understand and realize  –

when, what, why, how much and with whom

you share your life and make your memories with.

“People who come into your life for what you are” –

will NEVER love you unconditionally for who you are !!


dard-e-dil ab lafzon se byaan nahi karti
yeh toh ashqon mein baha karta hai
ehsaason ki numaaish per huste hain log
mahsoos karne se bhi mann darta hai

anjaane bhi poochte hain haal-e-mizaaj
anjaan woh hai jis per dil marta hai !!! 

– Khushi


Sehar ke pehlei paher mein
patton per padhi woh oas ki boondein,
man mein ek nayi aas jagati hain !!

Aaj phir ek nayi subah hogi
mann mein vishwaas liye yeh aankhein
kuch naye sunehre sapne sajaati hain !!

Shitij ab door nahi hai
pankh faila udhnei ki chah mein
badal ban phir barasna chahati hain !!

yeh masoom – oas ki boondein…..

– Khushi


Drops of dew

wanna soar so high, 

touch thy horizons ……

And shower from the sky !! 


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