I wanna hang a map of the world in my house. Then I’m gonna put pins into all the locations that I’ve traveled to. But first, I’m gonna have to travel to the top two corners of the map so it won’t fall down.Mitch Hedberg

3 New places each year

2006 – Arizona, London, DC, Maryland

2007 – Seattle, Boston, RhodeIsland

2008 – NY, Yosemite,

2009 – Portland, Sand dunes, Lake Chelan, Crater Lake

2010 – Depoe Bay

2011 – Utah(Zion+Bryce+Antelope), Tahoe, California (Hwy 101), Oregon, Chicago, Iowa

2012 – Yellowstone, Neah Bay, Easton/Baltimore

2013 – Alaska, Painted Hills & Mt Hood (Oregon), Dallas ++ 

Rendezvous with the Unknown

 I have always been passionate about “NEW” be it things, places, food ……something away from the norm…….the path less trodden…the road less traveled…..The unknown intrigues me and gives me the breath to live.   Lately, I have been on a traveling spree. As much as my budget allows, I am exploring new places…….from manmade architectural wonders to the natural wonders.  Shall be listing below links to a few where I have attempted to give words to my exhilarating experiences.


·         Michigan, United States

o        Detroit and suburbs

o        Port Austin

o        Muskegon

o        Mackinac Island

o        Tahquanemon falls

o        Hastings

o        Battle Creek

o        Saint Joseph

o        Frankenmuth

o        Kensington

o        Ann Arbor

o        Kalamazoo


       Iowa, United States

o        Cedar Rapids

o        Marshall Town

o        Iowa City

o        Des Moines


           New York, United States


        New Jersey, United States


        Ohio, United States

o        Cleveland

o        Sandusky

o        Putin Bay

o        Akron


       Illinois, United States

o        Chicago


       Pennsylvania, United States

o        Pittsburgh


         Arizona,United States

o        Phoenix

o        Tucsan

o        Scottsdale

o        Tempe

o        Flagstaff

o        Lower Antelope Canyons

o     Grand Canyon National Park

o        Sedona


       Utah,United States

o      Bryce National Park

o         Zion National Park


      California,United States

o        Fremont

o        Muirwoods

o        Sausolitto

o        San Fransisco

o        San Jose

o        Sunnyvale

o        Monterey Bay

o        Carmel-by-the-sea

o        Yosemite National Park

o        Stanford/Palo Alto


       Georgia, United States  

o        Atlanta  


          Maryland, United States

o        Annapolis

o        Ocean City

o        Baltimore

o        Washinton DC

              Massachussets, United States

o      Boston

              Nevada, United States

o      Las Vegas

              Oregon, United States

o        Portland

o     Crater Lake

o     Sand Dunes

o     Cannon Beach

o     Tilamook

o     Depoe Bay

              Rhode Island, United States

o        Providence 


·         Washington State, United States

o        Seattle

o        Mount Rainier

o        San Juan Islands (Orcas, Friday Harbor)

o        Deception Pass

o        Alki, West Seattle

o        Lake Chelan

o        Snoquamine falls

o        Leavenworth

o        Magnesum Park

o        Lake Washington

o        Lake Union

o        Kerry Park

o        Ballard

o        Fremont

o        Golden Gardens

o    Larrabee State Park

o        Discovery Park

·         London, England 

o        Oxford  

o        Slough  

o        London City 

o        Stratford  

o        Milton Keyens 

o        Crayton 

o        Bath  

o        Stone Henge 

o        Winchestor  






5 Responses to “Travels”

  1. NoName Says:

    U r a genious …. thanks for helping me from the melancholy !!

  2. Rockey Says:

    Hi Khushi,

    well accidentally I found u on the net, I read all ur sayings nd ur attitude towards t life. really its sound so fresh and energetic that u r this much full of life, intellectual, and think positive for this beautiful world and I like the most u believe in India. ur article regarding the $100 PC was favulous. well I am also a software engg. wish u all the Best. happy Living.

  3. musafirhoonyaron Says:

    Looks like you’ve traced the globe. Did u played the lead in around the world in 80 days.

    Btw whats the red pin pointing to on the extreme left ?


  4. nirmal Says:

    gud nature friend realy genioues

  5. customs wine Says:

    I REALLY liked your post and blog! It took me a little bit to find your site…but I book marked it. Would you mind if I but a link back to your site?

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