You’ve loved me through the thins
and hugged me through tough times
Our fights could not be counted
Yet you partnered me in crimes !!

frowned and yelled at my mischiefs
But to folks you stayed a mime
You are my best friends forever
For our heartbeats are in rhyme.

Love you loads my brothers 🙂 Happy Raksha Bandhan !!


bench sunset

kismat se maanga ladhkar jisse
munh mujhi se modh gaya
chaha khuda se badhkar jisse
tanhaa mujhi ko chodh gaya

dil dil nahi – kya patthar tha
ehsaason ko na samajh paya
chahat ki qadar nahi thi jisse
jazbaat bhara dil todh gaya



“kuch afsaane byaan hote hain kishton mein,
kabhi sunayi deti hai dastaan ankahi !!!
kahin hasratein poori hoti hain do pal mein,
aur na ho toh saalon ki zindagi bhi kuch nahi !!”


Eyes full of love – you hug me tight
You hold my hand – and lead me to light

In your embrace – I feel your care
With trust in you – my fears I bare

With you I glow, and shine so bright
You are my angel, my valor, my knight

I look up to you, in awe – I stare !!
I feel so complete, precious and dear !!



A life so full of bounty
in comfort and in ease
leisures available in plenty
convenience as you please !!

your desires you can fulfill
your wishes within your reach
the skies are shades of blue
springs full of rose and peach !!

You still can find some reasons
to complain and crib and whine
In a day of glow and brilliance
you ponder what missed a shine !!

Once step out of your world
and observe around in mime
The hurting souls around you
might shift the paradigm !!

Your attitude is your virtue
keep smiling without a bar
Count your blessings as pals
Who love you for who you are !!!




When my heart was delusional
I listened to my head
Then head was too confused
and conflicting things it said

My mind could not think straight
Eyes – misty as they shed
I could not trust my ears
Hands quivered as they fed

When common sense betrayed me
The sixth – took charge, and led
While I waited for a miracle
Conscience shouted – I was blessed !!!

Hungry souls surround me
Love craves to end hatred
I am better off than so many
And goodwill needs to spread

Life does bring thorny shackles
Amongst roses which are red
Live each moment like its Last
It’s a prophecy – very well said !!!




bahut raaz dafan hain – iss dil ki ghehrai mein
laakh qureido chahe – bus khaakh hi niklegi !!!


Deep in this heart – there are secrets infinite
Nothing will surface – Try – use all your might !!!

-- Khushi

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