You make me wonder
how you fly so free
You add the thunder
down pours the glee

You are so shapeless
and still in design
be the shades of gray
or the white benign



Inspired by a friend’s post :




Ikraar aankhein jhuka ke hota hai !!
Inkaar aankhein milaa ke hota hai !!
     Tareef — lafzon ki mohtaaj nahi hoti . . . 
uska izhaar toh aankhon mein basa ke hota hai !!!



There will always be people in your life who will

befriend you for what you have
respect you for where you work
invite you for who you bring along
accompany you when you can afford
and remember you by how much you give.

The choice is yours !!

To understand and realize  –

when, what, why, how much and with whom

you share your life and make your memories with.

“People who come into your life for what you are” –

will NEVER love you unconditionally for who you are !!


dard-e-dil ab lafzon se byaan nahi karti
yeh toh ashqon mein baha karta hai
ehsaason ki numaaish per huste hain log
mahsoos karne se bhi mann darta hai

anjaane bhi poochte hain haal-e-mizaaj
anjaan woh hai jis per dil marta hai !!! 

— Khushi


Sehar ke pehlei paher mein
patton per padhi woh oas ki boondein,
man mein ek nayi aas jagati hain !!

Aaj phir ek nayi subah hogi
mann mein vishwaas liye yeh aankhein
kuch naye sunehre sapne sajaati hain !!

Shitij ab door nahi hai
pankh faila udhnei ki chah mein
badal ban phir barasna chahati hain !!

yeh masoom – oas ki boondein…..

— Khushi


Drops of dew

wanna soar so high, 

touch thy horizons ……

And shower from the sky !! 

When the skin gets burnt, it often leads to scarring of that area which can be very displeasing to look at. The burn itself is a painful memory to erase and the burn scar is a constant reminder of it. Here are some effective home remedies using traditional Indian herbs to get rid of burn scars by Dr Uma Singh, medical director of Nomarks (Ozone Ayurvedics).

1. Lemon and tomato juice both can help gently remove the dead skin and help the skin rejuvenate.  Lemon has acidic properties that naturally lighten the scars. Freshly squeezed tomato juice is a natural bleaching agent and naturally cures the burn marks. Here’s how you can use them: Rinse the burn with cool (room temperature) water. You will need two clean washcloths, a fresh lemon and some fresh tomato juice. The burn mark should first be rinsed thoroughly under cold water. Now, place a moistened washcloth on the burn mark for a few hours. Meanwhile, keep some fresh lemon juice ready. Now, moisten the other washcloth with fresh lemon juice and dab the burn mark gently. After the area is dry, you should apply some fresh tomato juice on the burn mark. Due to its strong natural bleaching effect, you can get rid of the burn mark in just a few days. Repeat this procedure about twice a day on a regular basis to be rid of burn marks.

2. Another good way to remove scars at home is to gently massage the scar with almond oil. Massaging the scar twice a day will help to progressively reduce the scar.

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3. Fenugreek seeds also help in getting rid of scars. Soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind it into a fine paste. Now apply this mixture gently on to the burn marks and leave it on. Once the paste has dried completely, you can wash it off with water. Apply this paste regularly to remove the scars. Cold water with turmeric also has antiseptic properties which work well on burnt skin.

4. Lavender essential oil is a very effective antiseptic that reduces pain and promotes rapid healing. In addition, lavender reduces scarring. When lavender oil is applied to a burn very quickly, the burn may heal with no scarring at all. For larger burns, pour lavender oil onto a gauze or cloth and apply to the burn every few hours.

5. The India Yunani Cotton-Ash Paste burn remedy has been used for centuries to treat even severe burns. Take a large piece of cotton wool (or any kind of pure, white cotton fabric) and burn it (perhaps in a metal pot). Use the ash of the burned cotton and mix with olive oil to get a thick paste. Spread this black paste on the burnt skin and cover with a cling film. Reportedly, the pain disappears in seconds and even the accompanied shock reduces in severity. If the pain is back, refresh it and use fresh paste on the wound. Use the paste for a week or so, depending on the severity of the burns.

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6. Another age-old remedy is potato peels. They provide moisture and they also have anti-bacterial properties that help in healing. Doctors have found that potato peel bandages work better for minor burns than conventional dressings.

7. An effective home remedy for burns can be made by combining equal portions of barley, turmeric and yogurt. Apply the resulting paste over the affected areas for pain relief and healing.

8. Last, but far from least, is colloidal silver. Colloidal silver has wonderful antiseptic and healing properties and helps damaged tissue to regenerate. Major hospital burn units use colloidal silver bandages and ointments.




bench sunset

kismat se maanga ladhkar jisse
munh mujhi se modh gaya
chaha khuda se badhkar jisse
tanhaa mujhi ko chodh gaya

dil dil nahi – kya patthar tha
ehsaason ko na samajh paya
chahat ki qadar nahi thi jisse
jazbaat bhara dil todh gaya