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About me …………….uhmmmmmmm !!!!

  • I am a crazy, poet at heart person with a go-getter attitude.
  • I like the company of people who inspire me, amuse me or just make me laugh my heart out loud.
  • To be my friend, you need to have optimism in your blood and live life a day at a time. 
  • I love traveling and the “unknown” intrigues me.
  • With adrenaline gushing through my veins at all times, the word “impossible” goes deaf on my ears.
  • For me life is full of limitless opportunities and whatever happens, happens for a reason which is to bring the best out in me. 

So if you feel that life is harsh, monotonous and limited, then you and me belong to two opposite worlds. Forget me and move on. Syonara Amigo.


Educated to be a Computer Engineer, working as an IT professional in one of the Fortune 10 US companies, I am maintaining a fruitful and worthy existance in this global village so well connected still so far distant. 

Enjoying this legacy called “LIFE“. 

I live by two quotes :

  • ” If you try, you risk failure !! If you don’t, you ensure it.
  •  ” If God gets you to it…………..He’ll get you through it.”

 I publish my balladry and verse expression at 

English poetry             @ 

Hindi/Urdu poetry    @  

Feel free to browse through my articles and poetry and leave your comments and suggestions. A bout of appreciation and constructive criticism make an artist cherish her creativity. Explore and enjoy..


Rose Border


Copyright © “Khushi”

Poems must not be reprinted in any form without the author’s express permission. Any reference must carry a link back to this website.


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83 Responses to ““Khushi – the person””

  1. Anon Says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Have a terrific day today, 03/26 and Have a great year ahead!!

  2. Khushi Says:

    Thank you very much for the wishes Anon, Apna koi taruuff introduction to farmayiye 🙂

    Aapki dua se I had a great fun filled day 🙂

  3. Ashish Says:

    Hi Khushi,

    i saw your poetries yesterday only
    keep it up
    main bhi kuch aapki taraha hee hoon

    koin me on IM ashish_omnie and orkut

  4. Ashish Says:

    Hi Khushi,

    i saw your poetries yesterday only
    keep it up
    main bhi kuch aapki taraha hee hoon

    join me on IM ashish_omnie and orkut

  5. udita chaudhary Says:

    Hi khushi!

    Despite ur comment on my guestbook, I could not find time to visit this treasure house earlier, but Gosh! Am I glad I landed up today to savour such delicacies!
    Will hv to revisit at leisure…poora lutf uthaane ke liye,jaise jaam lekar jhoom jaane ke liye!

    Btw, Belated Happy returns of the Day…I didn’t know ur bday was on 26th Mar, or else would hv wished u earlier…anyway, better late than never!



  6. prakruti Says:

    kushi muhje aapki sayari bauta pasan hai.
    may aapki baut best friend hun.

  7. prakruti Says:

    Kehte hain ki ISHQ main neend ud jaati hai
    Koi humse bhi ishq kare
    Khambhaqat neend bahut aati hai

  8. riddhi Says:

    hi, khushi
    i like your sayari.
    i like you.
    i love you

  9. rocky Says:

    the love quotes were too good. i just had read thru your poem on love, they all r jus too much, it made me cry, coz it made feel that there is someone else on this earth who has gone thru what i went thru, which i wished should never happen to anyone.

  10. Imran Says:

    Hi Khushi,
    I just got to ur websites through orkut…
    I also read some of ur writings.. very good ones..I also have started writing something very recently.. just take a look on the above mentioned website..
    Your posts are really very good.


  11. BoBbY Says:

    strange coincidences .. i know a friend (noname.c) who uses two aliases, namely, khushi, and riddhi arora .. was just googling on those names to pass my time and your name popped up .. never expected a khushi arora to appear on the screen (i’m not sure if u see the coincidence, but take my word for it, if you will) .. anyways, she likes urdu poetry too .. and you both sound pretty much as if you have similar outlooks(atleast on the surface) in life .. : ) .. all in all, a very interesting and entertaining website ..

    – bobby

    ps: a belated happy birthday .. pisceans always tend to make life more colorful .. : ) .. wonder why ? ..

  12. Khushi Says:

    Hey Bobby,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    Pisceans do make life colorful, but Ariens make it exuberant and I happen to be that.

    An exuberant person who sees this world with colors and fancies the postivity of it. Unfortunately, I am not the person you were trying to search for, and as for coincidences, i do believe in them.


  13. sunil Says:

    hi khushi,
    congrate on blessed with such a creative mind.
    i wish i also have such type of talent in my chosen field.
    lol, take care, bye!

  14. mehmood Says:

    hi ! Khushi

    First let me congratulate u for such a lovely name!!
    I read you articles on your sites And let me tell u some of them are so great and lively as ur name stands for>>>>

    Pl keep the good works
    all the best wishes for the future

  15. Jeffrey Says:

    best regards, nice info

  16. rao knv Says:

    Hi! Khushi ji

    i am moved on seeing the items on your web site.
    Though i could not understand much, i felt some speciality in your writings/ collection.

    Ever since I heard the song in the last episode of “Antaksari” on Zee channel, i am searching for the song lyrics of “Asan hun tur jana hai”.
    Finally i landed at your web site.

    thanks a lot & keep on adding your works

    rao knv

  17. steven Says:

    Hey there,
    Came across your blog by chance as I was looking thru google. You got some interesting stuff here. Inspiring I may say.
    Regards, Steven

  18. Abhishek Says:

    hi there!!
    wow to know you!!

  19. sagar Says:

    Koi shaam aati hain tumhari yaad lekar,
    koi shaam jaati hain tumhari yaad dekar,
    hamein to us shaam ka intezaar hai
    jo aaye tumhe saath lekar:sagar

  20. ASHRIT Says:

    hi khushi,
    nice 2 c ur site…… u r doing a great job …….wish u luck .take care…


  21. Rohit Says:

    greetings …
    i have a few lines…
    I looked for some in hbs…
    but i found something better…
    i found some valuable pieces of literature and its good to see such things after u finish a tired day…
    i came i saw i was mersmerised.. 🙂

  22. Arun Says:

    you have a great attitude.
    remain happy and all the best for everything

  23. aman Says:

    ur views are very positive ,one hardly find persons with positive attitude like u. very gud ,keep it up

  24. PK Says:

    i had just finished reading your article on Vastu …. really wonderful and helpful … in your one of the coversations u said something about Pisceans ! how much do you know … please share if u may !!! as i am also Pisceas.
    Hope to hear from you soon ..
    Bye & Regards

  25. PK Says:

    any way ,as per ur few of dislayed conversation it seems ,, today is ur birthday …if yes … may God Bless you with Peace, Health, fame and Wealth..
    Happy Birthday ..
    Thanks for ur suggestions – vastu

  26. Vinay Says:

    Can you tell me the meaning of “asa hoon tur jaana” from arpan movie?

  27. Khushi Says:

    asa hoon tur jaana == > hum to ab chale{HINDI} ==> I am about to go away {English}

    Asaan – Hum – We
    Hun – Ab – Now
    Tur – chale – Walk
    Jaana – jaana – Go Away

  28. Vinay Says:

    I grew up in India in the 80s and somehow liked this song very much. I was curious about what the first few words meant. In search of it, I stumbled on your blog, took a quick stroll. Keep up the poetry work and community work.

    I like your passion for LIFE.

  29. hiren4u Says:

    Tooo cool post khushi

    aaj maine apna blog hi nahi padha is blog ko dekh kar

    Keep posting 🙂

  30. jay Says:

    hi khushi maine tumhari website dekhi muje bahut hi achchi lagi me tumhara bahut badaa wellwisher hoon…….

  31. umesh s shetty Says:

    hi khushi,
    nice to c ur site…… u r doing a great job …….wish u goodluck .god bless you.
    take care…


  32. hi Says:


    well done

  33. ameet Says:

    hi khushi

    i reached ur blog from orkut….i have just read few lines…i don’t agree with the first quote that u read in ur college becos just like my fav author i don’t believe in God but I must say the 2nd quote is real good one.


  34. ameet Says:

    oh btw my fav author is khushwant singh

  35. Khushi Says:

    Thanks Ameet,

    Believing or not in God is one’s own personal prerogative. I respect yours as much as I do mine.

    Am glad you liked what I wrote.


  36. ameet Says:

    well khushi…u being such a prolific writer why don’t u write something on God…His [or is it HER] existence and how u proove it???

  37. J Says:

    Can’t really put my finger on how i got to this webpage – but must say i am impressed. You seem like a very interesting person.
    How does someone so technically inclined (a J2ee developer in a top 10 firm) also be so creative ?

  38. khushi Says:

    hi, khushi, khushi here
    i liked ur shayaries very much
    u r great yaar,
    and 1 more thing, even iam khushi itself
    nice 2 meet u..

  39. Paraminder Says:

    “Har kushi se hai kushi”

    Really great work. Keep it up.


  40. Jay Says:


    nice to see your site.
    well done.
    wish you best luck .

    take care…


  41. anup Says:

    hi. khushi. i like ur thinking.keep it up.


  42. Sayma Says:

    Hi Khushi!
    I m first time on ur website,and i like it very much!I hav read ur poems and i love them all!! they are real nice!! ur thoughts are beautiful!
    so keep it up
    God bless you!!!
    ur sayma

  43. mukesh kekti Says:

    hum toh bhool hi gaye thei hansi ka raaz lekin
    tumne jokes ka bhandaar thama diya.
    hum to bhool hi gaye thei pyar lekin .
    tumne pyar par viswash phir se jaga diya .

    well done dear.

  44. mukesh Says:

    khushi ho khushi ka matlab sarthak karna .
    hasna hasana saare logon ke gamon ko bhulana.

    dear khushi hansti raho … cute lagogi.

  45. hi, nice to know you khushi

    best wishes
    Sakib Al Mahmud

  46. T M Says:

    aankhein jheel hon ya chullu bhar paani,
    doob ke marne ka dil dono mein karta hai!
    aap kissi hoor se kam nahi
    banda dil-o-jaan se aap per marta hai!!

  47. Jas Says:

    I might have to change my point of view at some point in life, but I find philosophical people are not practical at all… although they are deep, sensitive, emotionally intelligent. I just hope you are as much practical as you are philosophical – its totally out of good will for you – the world is a wild place.

    Very good luck!

  48. shreyas Says:

    hey khushi…..thats terrific…..all of ur poems are very beautiful….simply fantastic…mind blowing…awesome…keep up the good work…..

    lots of luck and wishes….

  49. Baski Says:

    Kushi – powerful expression – you need to think about publishing your work soemtime – great work
    do visit my scribbles and leave your footprint


  50. Tushar Says:

    wow wow wow…simply fantastic…amazing writer..amazing website..keep up the good work..shows how much dedicated person u are…workin in one of the fortune 10 companies…and such a good heart…I simply do not have words..i have put this website into my favourites..
    Great work !

  51. Hi kushi,
    just discovered your treasure-trove. your “Trust only Hope” is too soul strring. Medicinal! Worthy to ginger up a dozing soul. I jus’ cant help being fond of it.
    Your treasure-trove tickles my fancy.

  52. Jatin Says:

    Glad to see the site. Author is real “Khushi”

  53. Manish Dhawan Says:

    Hi Khushi,

    I chanced upon reading a few poems written by you, when i was trying to source a poem “lets remember to share and care” for my daughters school project. Must admit i am quite impressed with you work. Think i would now be a regular at your blog.
    Unfortunately i have still not found the poem that i was looking for, can you or someone help!!

    Thanks & God bless

  54. Sonu Says:

    Hi Kushi,

    It’s gr8 fun to read poetry here.
    Ven i was reading i got concious to know about u…but ven i see ur profile(Kushi the Person)…its totaly oposite to ur poetry collection.
    u said u r optimistc…but many of urz eng. poetry is not.
    There is a deep sense of depress in ur many Urdu poems.
    Well keep it up.Nice collection

  55. Arora Says:


    Not one person in this world has all shares of joys with no sorrows. We all go through various phases – ups and downs. Optimism is not in having good times….its the attitude and the energy with which you come out of the bad ones. Its all about perspective and the hidden hope that you look for. Through my writings thats exactly what I try to bring out – a hopeful outlook. Faith that every night is followed by a bright sunlit day

    Have a great day 🙂


  56. Atul Says:

    Please install feedburner so that I can get the regular update from interesting blog of yours

    Atul Punjnai

  57. Arora Says:

    You can syndicate my blog using feedburner at

    RSS :

  58. Lalit Says:

    Loved your poetry. Heart felt thoughts. Plan to read all your poems over next few days

    Keep it up


  59. hay khushi i read your blog its really nice how to mange tell me u have chat id

    what do u do tell me

    i improve my blog site

  60. Raj Says:

    The blog is full of interesting articles, notes and thoughts. Loved it. Keep writing. Best wishes

  61. Maneet Says:

    hey khush u just amazing u know i was searching a shahari of mere yaar ki shaadi hai then i got it from ur website thax

  62. Munna Says:

    Hi dude,

    Very cool and nice. Keep going N Best of luck.

    Chaman salamath he tho Phool khilthe rahenge,
    Zindagi baaki he tho ham tum milthe rahenge…

    Life iz calling, where are you..?

  63. Nice posts Khushi and i must say you have spent great time in doing and putting this in order.
    I liked few of your posts (didnt had time to go through all but i will try).

    Seems quite a versatile person… Great work Khushi,


  64. Vikas Says:

    u hv a gud time at hand doin all dis creative stuff 🙂

    May U RIP and be happy 🙂

  65. atul arora Says:

    hii.. Khushi its really nice to see some one doing such a vital work with his art nature. I really like it.

    Yr, m new to this blogspot world, so i need some one to keep guiding me will u help me as friend?? i will wait for your response kindly mail me at

    till tc kp smiling nd kp doing ur good work with smiLe.. Bye.

  66. atul arora Says:

    tell me how can i go for copyright for my blogs as well.

  67. Anshuman Says:

    c the strange ways of life… i was searching for something on google…. and your blog showed up as one of the searches…… and.. though i didnt get what i was looking.. i for sure.. ended up having good time…

    U R GUD………..

  68. Sameer Says:

    Hi…”Somehow” got to this site…ur an amazing writer…and seems like a great human being…

    Keep it up…:)

  69. dushyant arora Says:

    jamke kijiye dushmani, par itni gunjaish rahe, kal agar hum dost ban jaayen to sharminda na hon

  70. Manga Says:

    Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome!

  71. Parag Says:

    Such lovely poems!

  72. harsh v maheshwary Says:

    If you can recall,maheshwary_USA

  73. sourav894 Says:

    It’s pleasing to know that there are thinkers of my country keeping the great culture alive. Even I’m a published Hindi poet. To catch a glimpse of my work, visit-

    Keep Walking…

  74. J S Chhabra Says:

    Fabulous! Marvellous! Heart-warming, touching, inspiring, enlightening creativity at such young age.

  75. YOGESH KUMAR Says:

    hi….. can u frienship 2 me

  76. zeyno Says:

    hi khushi

    my name is zeyno…turkey..

  77. kulraj Says:

    Like your optimism. Will get to know you better in a day or two when I read the blog !

    wishes and love

  78. danyra martinez Says:

    nice job khushii,

  79. Khushi A. Says:

    my name is khushi too and i am born on march 26th too!!!

  80. Ajay Prasad Says:

    “MARRIAGE FEAR” a short story very nicely written true to the emotions.

  81. rajab khader Says:

    Great work keep it up ,when I’m down I get inspired by your work,please add me to your mailing list

  82. Umakant Maurya Says:

    Hi Khushi,
    I read your poetry, they are really good. I was publishing a book of Hindi poetry with English translation. It would be really grateful if you could help me in getting some of the poetries translated in english. Poem are really good and different from normal one, I am sure you will like it. If you have any terms and conditions do let me that also. It would be a great pleasure to associate you with this work. please email me at
    Thank you,

    Umakant Maurya

  83. Hi Khushi,
    This is umakant. I couldn’t get your reply about poetry work. Hope you remember me. my email id is

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