Life does come back to a full circle.

Sometime back, I was reading a book and it mentioned a role swap between parents and kids as time passes. And it sure was true. I vaguely remember my childhood days where I would ask a plethora of questions (often repetitive ) to my parents and they would indeed be patient in all their replies. In time, now when I have come by and far in my years in life, I see myself standing at the giving end. and It sure feels great :o)

I sure feel ecstatic – sharing my experiences with my folks and helping them adjust in a new place – trying to be as patient (if not more) as they were to my inquisitiveness – way back then 🙂
And its an elite feeling when your folks start treating you responsible and turn to you for advices and opinions.

Its surely a happy feeling when the hands that rocked the cradle – hold yours for love and support 🙂

– Khushi