Life isn’t a game of jeopardy where each question has an answer or vice versa.


Unexplainable at times, people come into our lives by chance and become an integral part of our beings – of who we are and what we become!! They influence us with their life, their personality, their charisma and most importantly their affection towards us. They come into our life for a season – but end up being the reason of change, in our attitudes and perspectives for our life’s journey.

Dr Pritam Singh (fondly remembered as Pritam Uncle) was one such noble soul, who touched many a lives with his unconditional love and care. His charm and positivity was contagious. His open heartedness was ever so welcoming. His genuineness was always, more felt than seen.

Not a dry eye could be found in the house on the fateful first day of March when God so chose to bestow on him a place besides him. The day he left for his heavenly abode leaving behind our grieving hearts still unable to accept this unfathomable loss.

A charmer, lively as life itself, Pritam Uncle was humility personified. Intellect, humor, devoutness, dignity, integrity and warmth are virtues he imparted at ease. With an honest and logical mindset, he was always fair and brought tranquility to any discussion.

I can never forget the day when I was leaving Michigan to set forth on my new journey in life and he held me close while putting his hand in blessings on my head. He quoted anecdotes from Guru Nanak’s travels and wished for me to be never alone in spirits; and to be always surrounded by congenial people (and I’ll never find anyone who’d fill his void) – His unconditional love was my paramount support. His faith in me helped me trust myself and my abilities as I tread along the stumbling blocks. A fatherly figure and a friend and guide to me – he or his words would lighten up any of my stressed days. His blessings, his love, affection and ever smiling face will be with me as long as I live. As I miss him today, I do realize that he’ll always be with me in spirits and in the most cherished ways!!


People like him never die….

They just relocate – From their Homes into our HEARTS!!!

Love you lots Uncle

Aapki Jhalli ….
Your naïve kiddo !!