It is funny how easy it is

  • To preach to others the fundamentals or workings of life and how conveniently we choose to ignore them when they apply to us.
  • To step back and see a holistic view of a circumstance when we are advising others while we stay bump our heads into the inside walls of the box when it applies to us.
  • To be more forgiving and letting go of mistakes committed by others but we are most critical of our own selves.

At times I sit and wonder, that even though we belong to a family, circle of friends or society and the status quo but why did the creator still create us a sole identity – all the scriptures and the advocacies of – we were born alone and we’d die alone are very true to the T.

And the times when we don’t really land up where we’d like or want to be – but eventually when we look back to connect the dots – that was exactly where we Needed to be. I mean – who decides all this? who plans all this for us ?

And if it’s all pre-written, then why do we desire differently from what we need?

Why we the beings of desire, are allowed to be confused and frustrated just on the pretext of appreciating more the final outcome?

Who and why is playing mind games with us?