This section is devoted to some of my favorite reads.

An ardent reader as I am, there have been quite a few literary works which have changed my outlook towards life, the way I view and perceive things and also help me formulate opinions.

Here, I attempt at recording the list and also snippets from some of them.

  1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coehlo 
  2. The monk who sold his ferrari
  3. The Namesake
  4. Assert and Succeed 
  5. Who moved my cheese
  6. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Purely fictional :

  1. Angels and Demons – Dan Brown
  2. Deception Point – Dan Brown
  3. Digital Fortress – Dan Brown
  4. Jeffrey Archers

6 Responses to “Bibliography”

  1. Jagadish Says:

    Digital fortress was a disappointment. I felt that almost all his books are quite similar.

  2. ameet Says:

    Well only Da Vinci was good…Angels n Demons was not good at all…

  3. Jagadish Says:

    If not for all the controversy, Da Vinci code pretty much sucked too.

  4. Ansal Says:

    Hi Khushi,nice choice of books.Have u read Dr.Wayne Dyer books ?u will really like it!!

  5. sumit Says:

    Edward de bono – six thinking
    shidney sheldon – master of the game

    Am alive only because of some great books i have gone through

  6. harish Says:


    Where do get all the time to make something like this :).


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