Man Hammerring


As a part of the City of Seattle’s public art program, The Seattle Arts Commission installed the 48 feet tall Hammering Man on September 12, 1992 at the entrance to the downtown Seattle Art Museum at First Avenue and University Streets.

The Hammering Man‘s arm “hammers” silently and smoothly four times per minute from 7 am to 10 pm every day. It runs on a 3-hp electric motor set on an automatic timer. Hammering Man rests its arm each evening and every year on Labor Day. 


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man coffeedrinkingman coffeedrinking


The Seattle Coffee Works installed this coffee drinking Man on July 14, 2009 outside their store on the intersection of First and Pike. The 15 feet tall kinetic Coffee Drinking Man’s hand moves while he enjoys his coffee. To date he remains nameless.

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man beer drinking

The Beer Drinking man: In front of the (in)famous Blue Moon in the University District.

Also called the hammered man as a parody on SAM’s hammering man, this was installed about 12 years ago and is supposedly the most drunk man in Seattle 😉