Like many other of my kind, I am a victim of inquisitiveness and an urge to create. Creativity is not a virtue of the very few…Each of us has some such manifestation which may or may not get visibility. Some hide it because they are shy while others hide it unbeknown. Childhood for its very innocence has the strength to break the shell and not care about anything. Of all that I fancied back then, I thought I wouldn’t want to relive any of those now until my friend re-introduced me to LEGOS.


Simply put the “Building block toys” which could captivate me for hours. Complexity varying from 8 to 10000 pieces, joining them together one by one seems like building an ocean drop by drop. The most amazing moment is when you see the parts moving together in unison. And then you blurt out “That’s my baby” J


bull-1Well, I am helping my friend build a Motorized BullDozer Lego (approx 1300 pieces).

 Ok Ok…..I shouldn’t say “helping”, rather, seizing the opportunity to do it myself. When I should rather be getting some others tasks accomplished, I feel so contented clicking and clamping.


More updates and hopefully some pics to follow.



UPDATE: Its done…..and it moves……..and its terrific 🙂  yayyyyyy