I am from Japan, she said

The land of the rising sun

The leaders in cars and engines

And electronics for having fun


I am from Philippines, he said

The pearl of the orient seas

Named after the prince of Spain

You are invited to the ocean breeze.


I am from Korea, she said

The land of the morning calm

The pioneers in printing and stars

We strongly support “no harm”


I am from India, he said

The brightest Jewel in the Crown

Unity in diversity for real

We are one secular town


I am from US she said

The golden land for the opportune

Think hard before you gamble

Wall street might crack you soon


I am from Thailand, he said

The colorful land of Smiles

Cuisine delicious and hot

And beauty spread over miles


I hear them all in awe

In geography are they bound

No one has lived forever

All go back in the ground


They boast of what is trivial

That’s insane and not so norm

All creations of the same almighty

Why wonder where who came from


                                        – Khushi