Today, when I walked into the room where every wall and booth were covered with posters stating “Save a life today” – “Save one without knowing which one”, I had no prior realization, that 60 relaxed minutes and 600 grams of blood that I’ll donate could be a life savior for someone.


I am a first time donor and somewhere deep down it fills me with pride to be able to contribute (even if it was in a small ‘gram-ular’ way). The donor room is one place where sight of blood brings relief instead of fright. The only frightful part of the whole experience is the registration – a stack of forms that need your check marks or initials before any needle could touch thy skin. 😉 All that follows…’ll have no recollection of. (just kidding J).





And the Bravo award goes to:

Pudget Sound blood center

for being the first ones ever

to successfully extract

610 grams (roughly 22 oz)

of my life’s ‘hard earned’ blood. 😉