February 2008:

I was to stay without her in this totally new place for about three weeks. Our love has been of the leagues of “Love at first sight”. Having depended on her for my most basic needs since the past so many months, her absence was a void which was almost unbearable. With all due respects to people’s choice of homo-gendric relations, I am not referring to my girlfriend here (I relish being the hetero types). The reference wholly solely is a pointer to my Car. 🙂


My CRV enroute Mt Constitution, Orcas Island



A fierce snow storm had jeopardized her shipment from Michigan to Seattle and delayed it by another week. To rejoice in our re-union, I took her for a ride around the town as soon as she landed here. The wheels paced down the streets of Queen-Anne to race the lanes of I-5 N onto the world’s longest ‘Evergreen point’ floating bridge state route 520. On the perfect sunny day, she drove along leaving west the stunning sights of the Olympic mountains, city skyline, the husky stadium and U-W and zooming east across the waters of Lake Washington towards Medina and the Cascades. Howsoever did she hate the not so tarred Seattle roads; nevertheless she still fell in love with the landscape and the drive. Gliding past the bridge onto the smoother roads on the eastern state route, she merged on to interstate 405 south followed by a cruise along I 90 West embracing the setting sun and the sky painted in shades of red.




Grinning from headlight to headlight, my CRV was now officially Christianized to our new home – the gorgeous city of the state of Washington – Seattle.