Place: Roof Deck

Time: 8:30 PM


Overlooking West Seattle across Elliot bay and facing the cool ocean breeze: I can’t think of anything more relaxing. After a long Wednesday, what else could I ask for J. Not that I have repented any of my decisions so far (knock on wood), but evenings like these make me thank myself for my choice of location.


Sitting here and watching boats sailing the serene and peaceful waters of the sound, takes my mind away from the hustle of Seattle. The so noisy and crowded downtown which is vibrant with traffic and commuters all day goes peacefully quiet with the wee hours of twilight. As I sat here enjoying my moment of solace, the door squeaked open and sooner than I knew, I had company.


A couple of weeks ago, on a cloudy Saturday afternoon, I set out to explore some museums in Pioneer Square. As I was waiting at the bus-stop, I was joined by an old British lady who in-spite of having lived in this city for over four decades, didn’t quite have any affinity for the place. It wasn’t very cold that day but I believe she felt so. Interestingly, our chito-chat started with her pointing out that I definitely needed some warm attire to suit the weather J I smiled and dodging the remark with utmost subtlety, I moved the conversation to her cities of choice. Hailing from the country of Union Jack and having traveled far and wide in Europe, the beauty in US did not lure her much. With no family around either, she said she could step out of Seattle any-day and never look back. But she said the same for San Francisco and New York……uhmmm is there a pattern 😉 She surely recommended me a trip to Vancouver via Amtrak and a must-see Victoria Islands. Her conversation and tales that she shared definitely pointed out the fact that she was an avid traveler. And for her age, her enthusiasm was commendable. The commuter’s fate: her bus arrived and we exchanged farewell greetings.


A swish of flashback, and there I was on my roof deck, standing face to face to the same lady. World is small, the blocks are even smaller. It turns out that we live in the same apt complex and we share the same hide-out for solace J A round of formal introductions was followed by stories from England, California, shopping suggestions (hello ladies :p ), jogs/walks et-al.


Déjà vu …….she was feeling cold today too and I, still wasn’t dressed warm !! 😉