How are you ? “Good

Whats up?  Nothing much !!”


These answers are so obvious at times, that they often go unheard. And the fact remains that there is never a day which goes as usual. The regular motion of this land which we stand upon always causes some upheavals. We choose to ignore some while some make an impact….a deeper one at times. The food for thought is that during the course of our lives, the perspective that we adopt while analyzing any of these are so varied. And that is what makes all the difference. One event could have a significant stressful impact at one time and it may be completely overlooked at the other. Quite apparently, the circumstances take the blame for all our botherations and the real culprit goes unnoticed – our attitude !!


If you seek the colors of black and white, then all you’ll see are the shades of gray. To see a rainbow, you have to be willing to step out in the rain and embrace the sun rays peeping out of the clouds. Life is not two sides of a coin; it’s a wind-chime that fills in the melody by ringing a different chord with each passing wind.