Today, I along with a couple of friends set on to savor some flavors for our taste buds. Bite of Seattle 2008.


Seattle in all its forms amuses me. And this is yet another. Bite of Seattle (a part of SeaFair-the Seattle Summer fest) is a three day international food festival held every year in the heart of Queen Anne, under the famous space needle in Seattle Center. Started way back by Alan Silverman in 1982 at Green Lake with 25 participating restaurants and 75000 visitors, this event has grown multifold with over 60 restaurants from all over the Washington state and about 500,000 hungry visitors drooling all over the place. The food stalls are so well complimented by  3-4 live music bands playing top hot on the charts songs, a central fountain beating the heat, beer arenas, dare-do games and Comcast sponsored stand up comedy performances.

The stalls that caught my fancy were the “take a bite” collection of restaurants (Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Thai), Bumbooza, mango lemonade, shaken ice (our very Indian flavored chosaaa), the roasted corn and the top of all – Nariyal paaaani (coconut water) J Having spent most of my life in North India and having visited Mumbai only once that too on an official trip, I always missed the fun of enjoying a fresh naariyal paani on a local beach. So wishes sure are fulfilled…..where and when !! could take you by surprise. J All in all, a day well appetized.


It is already Monday and I should sleep now. Another five days before it’ll be a weekend again J Looking forward to the Blue Angels flight fair in the coming weekends.