Sitting right now in the famous Pike Place Market, munching on a roasted corn from a street stall, embracing sun’s warmth and looking over the pudget sound with ferries and sail boats building up the commotion, I can very well claim to have breathed the true Seattle…..the city so cosmopolitan yet clinging to its rich culture.


I moved to this city about six months ago for my job. Having stayed in Michigan for over 5 years,  that place felt like a second home… gave me the same sense of belonging which I felt whenever I was in India. Michigan gave me friends and connections from my grad school, places of work, salsa classes, community centers, libraries, voluntary organizations and the cultural associations I worked for. A 24 hour day was never enough. As if I had my own small world there. And yet again, I had made this tough decision to venture out of this comfort zone into the unknown.


I could give a hundred reasons……..professional growth, career promotion, new opportunities…….deep in my heart I knew, I felt stagnant and that feeling was killing me. It is not about justifying to anybody else, but to thy self. Have I blossomed to my full potential? Have I reached the destination of the journey that I set out for…..traveling thousands of miles in pursuit of education, career and hopefully a better life…..leaving the protective care of my family, my loved ones in India to come to this land so different in so many respects. Continuing with my now nomad life, I packed my bags and started again…this time a couple of thousand miles……from one US coast to the other. Assimilating all my memories and leaving behind my footprints I set out for another pursuit…… in search of my inner self, my life’s content, my paradigms……and to follow my dreams.




My flight landed here in the twilight hours of a cold February Saturday night. The realization of what all had already changed had not sunken in yet. This still seemed like a weekend trip….. like most of my leisure travels……like any vacation at the end of which I would head home. The only difference was, that now, this was the home. The decision was made and there was no looking back. The following Monday was my first day at the new job. Old is monotonous and new is mysterious and mystery is always full of intrigue. A bit overwhelmed a bit anxious and a bit excited to embrace the new.  I stepped into a new phase of my life that Monday at 6:30 AM.


                                       (to be continued……)