A beautiful video from Mughal-E-Azam portraying a musical squabble between two contenders in the court of love having opposite viewpoints. 

“Mohabbat karne waalon ka hai bus itna hi afsaana
Tadhapna chupke chupke , aah bharna, ghut ke mar jaana
Kissi din yeh tamaasha muskura ke hum bhi dekheinge”

Those whom love has turned so blind
Are out of luck and out of their mind
They live a life of despair and gloom
A laugh of the town and in misery twined.

“Mohabbat humne maana ….zindagi barbaad karti hai
Yeh kya gham hai ki mar jaane pe duniya yaad karti hai
Kissi ke ishq mein duniya luta ke hum bhi dekheinge”

Love I agree, leads to ruins and wrecks
Solace they feel in remembrances and checks
Its worth the risk and I’ll give it a shot
And lay my life for the love and the pecks.

The reward for one is the rose and the other are the thorns.

But thorns are not at the risk of fading away

where flowers wont last or live another day