January enters with a bang
tickles our senses deep within
gives us new dreams and hopes
and new challenges in life to win


February brings along the craze
Prompts to hold someone dear
Valentine season and mushy scents
To love fully and live in cheer


March brings the breeze so fresh
New leaves and blossoming buds
Announces arrival of days of spring
and grace our life with flower studs


April starts with playing pranks
Fooling pals and having fun
Fasting lent and Easter mass
Filing taxes and bathing in sun


May teases the sun to grin
Shine and spread around its glow
Rejoice in love and express it aloud
Unfurl the secrets and let them know


June flags and flashes the note
Barks aloud that summer is here
pledge to retain the natural beauty
And global warming to re-engineer


July begins the second half
Tells that time is ticking away
Its still time to make your resolve
And employ fully each new day


August brings the colors of fall
Reminding us the circle of life
What grows and lives finally rests
So live each moment in love not strife


September marches kids back to school
For lessons to learn and practice along
make them humble and make them wise
better the guild to which they belong


October declares this quarter is last
To trick or treat or work more hard
To believe the fact that good prevails
And evils perish and are caught off-guard


November brings the reason to meet
Families unite and together they dine
Festivals of lights and hugs to spread
To share and care and not to whine


December bells the message of hope
The star is shining and path is bright
Another year is waiting for you
To embrace and cherish, and make wrongs right.

                                                   — KHUSHI