Too naïve at 4
So could not have a say
Dad signed you in that school
To study and play each day

Almost out of teens
You stepped out of that door
Was time to choose a career
And leap to rock the floor

Your trodden path from here
Was not forced on you with glue
Your first decision of life
Your heart prompted this to do

Not once but at zillion moments
You chose what you felt right
Stumbling and stepping all along
Take pride you soared this height

It’s not only your ambition
That gets you to the divide
How to pick your soul-mate ?
I wish they printed a guide

Life is full of choices
Let me put you on the spot
Your pick defines your spirit
So hit with your best shot

Your angel is missing in action
Or by a sway of wand she’d show
The sparkling image of your mate
Who’ll cause your life to glow

The pressure is again on you
And toughest choice to make
It might turn up a gamble
With your emotions now at stake

Would choose the temporal beauty
That vanishes with the skin
Or would you see the heart
And the love that’s there within.

Don’t fall prey to influence
Good luck for what you decide
A life later when you look back
Hope you cherish the lovely ride.

                               — Khushi