Wall Street – craigslist ad:

Okay, I’m tired of beating around the bush. I’m a rich (very rich) 30 year old man. I’m articulate and classy. I’m not from New York. I’m looking to get married to a girl who is stunningly beautiful. I know how that sounds, but keep in mind that merely attractive is just average in New York City, so I don’t think I’m overreaching at all.

Are there any girls who are stunning or better on this board? Any sugar daddies? Could you send me some tips? I dated a couple of chicks who were pretty fit. But that’s where I seem to hit a roadblock. Pretty fit won’t get me envious glances on Madison Avenue. I know an investment banker at my racquetball club who was married to a lingerie model and lives in Tribeca, and he’s not as rich as I am, nor is he as sharp. So what is he doing right? How do I get to his level?

Here are my questions specifically:

– Where do you single stunning women hang out? Give me specifics- bars, restaurants, gyms

-What are you looking for in a mate? Be honest girls, you won’t hurt my feelings

-Is there an age range I should be targeting (I’m 30)?

– Why are some of the men living with belting women on the upper east side so damn poor? I’ve seen really cheap types who have nothing to offer married to incredibly beautiful girls. I’ve seen drop these really rich guys with fat girls in restaurants. What’s the story there?

– Jobs I should look out for? Everyone knows – model, dancer, personal trainer. And where do they hang out? Where do the strippers hang out?

– How you decide marriage vs. just a sugar daddy? I am looking for MARRIAGE ONLY

Please hold your insults – I’m putting myself out there in an honest way. Most rich men are perverts; at least I’m being up front about it. I wouldn’t be searching for these kind of girls if I wasn’t able to match them – in purchasing power, culture, sophistication, and buying a nice home and hearth.

Source: Craigslist NY.