Donate Hair

Kindness as thin as hair – Giant leap for mankind 

Do you sometimes sit and wonder, how could I make a difference ?? How one small act of mine could bring a smile on a sad face ? I am no self-sacrificer, still what can I do which will not make me poor but still brighten someone else’s life ?

Lets change the questions ? How often do you go for a haircut ? Are the bits and strands of the hair you just disowned, really “Useless” ???

The answer is “NO”. Because that hair can be used by a cancer institute for hair rejuvenation of Chemo or leukemia patients. 3″ to 10″ inches of hair that you donate can bring a cheek-to-cheek smile on an ailing patient’ face. What does it ask of you ?? Registration with a cancer institute and 3 less trips to the hair salon. FAIR DEAL !!!

I am pledged to do it !!! Will you ??