With the hype created by Michael Moore in the flourishing insurance markets, another type of insurance would probably interest most of the young generation. “Love Insurance”

If my readers are not already intrigued by the concept, just imagine, with a little premium investment, one would be assured of 

  • No heart breaks. 
  • No sleepless nights
  • No blank gazing  
  • Financial assistance
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Sense of security 
  • Third party evaluations and credentials 
  • Another insurance industry – More jobs -improved Employment rate – Better economy 🙂

So what could be the concept like.  Read on……

·       Both the parties involved (the lovers) should have their insurances before getting into the affair business. The insurance companies would run a background check (past affairs/ breakups/ duration of involvement etc) and decide on a premium based on their age, indulgence in fun activities, educational qualifications, current profession, finances etc.

·     The insurance companies shall have the right to conduct the predicting possible compatibility test on both the individuals so as to avoid any fraudulent matches (people conspiring against the insurance companies).

·      All these dating and matrimonial sites shall have collaborations with these insurance companies and shall offer discount combo deals. 

·       Well insured, certified and more confident, the individuals set out to explore their chemistry and possible relation.

·       Two possible outcomes: Marriage or breakup.

·       If they get married, they could still continue with the insurance and their premium might be reviewed and revised.

·       If they break up, the insurance company shall pay the parties involved a compensation – expenses incurred on utmost 10 dates or a fixed dollar amount (which ever is less) as directed in the MOU.

·       The parties may choose a higher premium love insurance which shall also cover the wedding expenses if the conventional sponsors (parents) don’t approve of the relation.