Big Brother Big Sister (BBBS – Season II ends) 

Yet another year of mentoring and learning …..of talking and listening…..of fun and exuberance……comes to an end. The school year 2006-07 BBBS sessions came to an end today. From September 06 to June 07, every Wednesday lunch hour has been a heartwarming activity. From pot painting to frame making, bird house decoration to water ball games, UNO to Operation, discussing exams to babbling about vacations….Season II has been a wonderful experience too.

Bird House Wind Chime      Pot Painting      Bird House Wind Chime

My two Littles – Whitney and Cherri have been just adorable. Both personalities, quite contradictory, have given me a reason to smile always. Whitney’s fashion styles and Cherri’s boogie vogue both have been a pleasure to witness. Interactions with not only my own littles but also other kids viz, Shallante, Tony, Thomas, James and with Carlotta (onsite BBBS coordinator) and other Bigs…..everyone have been delightful. 

BBBS Picnic

What started as a constructive activity to consume my spare time has given me a déjà vu experience……reliving my own childhood fancies and pranks. Looking forward to Season – III. 🙂