Why am I here
Give me a reason

Is it for my mom
who is frail and weak
still stares at the driveway
awaiting for me in vain

Is it for my dad
Who cheered my games
And now hides his fears
Of not seeing me ever again

Is it for my kids
Who have just one wish
To play with their dad
In sunshine and in rain

Is it for my wife
Who gave me love
And now all I give her
is my dust and all this strain

Is it for the land
Where I was born
Is its freedom at stake
That I am suffering pain

I know I am a soldier
I fight for a cause
To save and to free
the innocent from chains

But who is the sinner here
Who is the enemy
Who is the captive
Who is the one to gain

Why am I still here
Give me a reason.

                           — Khushi