Bestowed upon me
By the loving grace of God
are some wonderful angels
Worthy of an applaud.
An abundance of strength and love
and full of embracing care;
are my Mom and Dad
who make an adorable pair.
Together they’ve stood always
against that could not be cured,
Shall Always look up to them
for all they have endured
Lord seemed really pleased
with a great deed i had done
When He gave me my brothers
who are loads and loads of fun.
Their love and care for me
surpasses anyone on this earth
the gems that they are
no one can match their worth
As generous as God is,
He looked at me and smiled
Blessed me with my Uncle
who’s amusing yet so styled
My partner in crime is he
for cravings of the spice
my idol and my mentor
he’s progressive yet so nice
I couldn’t have had better
my relations of the blood
He graced me with His touch
and filled my life with buds
I don’t crave for plenty
I can count them on my hands
they know me in and out
have scorched with me on sands
My fingers are always crossed
Touch wood is all I do
so thankful I am to Him
He made my dreams come true.
                                           — Khushi