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While browsing off the internet, I came across this site called the Johari Window.  The word “Johari” in the Indian language Hindi means – Jeweler. In the literal sense, someone who could tell the worth of a stone (diamond or glass) at the blink of an eye.

Here at the Johari Window is:

The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.

Seems a nice one 🙂  My blog, my whimsical discourse, acts as an expression and  a vent for what I see, think and feel. The essence of my writings, in a way, is a reflection of me.

Come on friends, come tell me what you think about the author of this blog……thats  me – Khushi 

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Khushi !!