Another reason for us Indians to be proud is the headlines from April 29, 2007:

Made in India PC for just about $100

 While global computing giants like IBM and AMD are yet to give shape to their ambitious plans for a computer that costs $100 or less, an Indian company, Novatium, has already set its eyes on 10 million potential customers with its up-and-running PC priced at Rs 4,500 only. Novatium was co-founded by US-based Analog Devices chairman Ray Stata, Netcore Solutions managing director Rajesh Jain and professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala of IIT Madras.

The company’s NetPC works on a ‘thin client’ concept. This is a small box and does not contain any software or application. It is linked to a central server, which hosts all applications.

“Network PC (NetPC) costs around $100 (less than Rs 4,400) and along with a monthly subscription of around Rs 400, it provides you with internet connection and almost everything like authentic software and applications,” Singh said.

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