My past month at a glance:  

  • Celebrated another anniversary of my 16th birthday. J
  • Got back in touch with old friends and lost touch with a few.
  • Additions to my literary collection.
  • Active blogging.
  • Added the Video – VodPod feature to my blog
  • Got addicted to a few new music genres
  • Hoped and trusted and had lessons learnt.
  • Made new resolutions (Punjab’s new year ;-))

For the first time, 

  • Was showered with birthday gifts for one whole week. – Thanks to Archie J
  • Hosted a cultural night for 300 unknown audience. (a debut success)
  • Witnessed a professional ballet live in an Opera House. J
  • Painted Easter eggs J
  • Attended Easter prayers in a contemporary Church. J
  • Had loads of snow in spring. L