Whims and wishes 


A hundred days
Of knowing you exist;
A hundred hours
Of honest conversations;
If I sit and account; like seconds they flew by.
Forgetful as you are
For listing the mundane
Still detailed you could be
To plan with precision
If I sit and wonder; you are elite and rank high.


We always nourish our whims
That all is in our power
Shattered by a thrust of fate
We see He overrides all
If I sit and grieve; can’t prevent a heavy sigh.


Wish it was only me
Whose efforts would do
My will would have been stern
To change the things around
If I sit and regret; I’ll always be stuck on “Why”. 


Life is not a matter
Of milestones as we think
It’s about the moments
We stop to smell the roses
If I sit and appreciate; the limit is the sky.

                                                    — Khushi