To shun away, at will, with pleasure
the droning routine of our lives
Venturing out for joy and leisure;
On zeal and passion, the heart thrives.

Eyes wander around, while trying hard
To figure the first instincts of the mind
Like puzzle, it joins then falls apart
Like needle in sand, so hard to find

From a distant horizon, comes a ray of hope
Fills the heart with spring and bloom
In desire to relieve the dazing mope
Revives some love and slays the gloom

Amazingly then, fate employs another pun
It makes you play, the blinking game
Lost in the eyes, you feel you have won
And a sudden blink makes love go lame.

The auburn eyes with radiance so deep
Are now cloaked with misty refute
The ailing heart, with nothing to keep
Learns a lesson and becomes astute.

                                     — khushi