If it does not have ‘you’
Then there exists no ‘we’
It was always about ‘us’
Never only about ‘me’

We share the ideals and the whims
The chases and the charms
But Life is about the challenges
And to stand as one, against the harms

The ones I care about
Are my eternal pride
If you shun the concern
Then here’s a huge divide

I was constantly accused
Of vital information delay
And you skipped a mention
Of the assurances you would sway

All I ever wished
Was for you to stand high
Be there……forever
And not to say goodbye

For all that was left unsaid
And all that silence tells
I feel I wrongly assumed
You to be someone else

Feel sad for you to lack
The valor and the nerve
To face the legacy called life
And offer the abject your serve.

                                   — Khushi