Follow Your heart 

A typical Arian that I am, I tend to go by my first instincts. I can’t really vow that they are always right, but following my heart has always given me a sense of satisfaction. It provides me with the courage to stand forth and face the harsh winds that slam into my face and also embrace the warm breeze that soothes the pain thereafter. It gives me the convenience of living life one day at a time and to live it without any inhibitions and fears. It helps me to live life fully – The First Time.

Usually my first instinct for a situation is based on trust, faith and experience of life so far. Not to claim that I have lot many experiences, but as they say, life is a mystery for an 8 year old and an 80 year old alike. Who on the surface on earth is not perplexed? Who can predict the future with certainty? Who does not cross his fingers when things don’t seem to be feasible and seem only a very distant possibility? In those times it is only our faith and hope that keeps us going. What we see and perceive in our first instincts is often the innocent acumen of our heart. When things are going in our favor we undoubtedly choose to follow them but at times when we are faced with circumstantial discords, we humans give our instincts a SECOND thought.

Nothing or nobody in God’s creation is perfect. But when we like an idea or a person, we weigh up the perfections and gladly accept the imperfections. That in essence is the starting point of mental peace and happiness. On second thoughts we begin to question the authenticity of what once seemed so perfect and possible. Even when we know our hearts trust our abilities, our minds say otherwise. They fill us with fear for the unknown and we become weak and feeble.

Why do the wavy circumstances make our beliefs in us tremble? Why do we give in when we are supposed to be struggling? Gold gets its maximum shine when it is subjected to the scorching fires and silica transforms into the magnificence of crystals only after facing the adversities. Then aren’t we humans above these materials in both virtue and worth. Why do we choose to slack down when we need to struggle to get the best out of us? Why we choose to lead a life of compromise and the apparent convenience when it is not what we were born to do? Our aim and purpose in life is far above the diminutive comforts. Great humans are not those who live their lives in a stereotyped fashion, but those who think and forge ahead to achieve the impossible.

Our first impulse like our infancy has the pure innocence of what we are capable to do. It is the undiluted and the unadulterated truth of our being. We are the ones who can bring a difference in ourselves. No one else. No influences can go a long way. It is our inner desire and urge to achieve the apparent impossible that shall tread us on the path that our heart deems righteous. At times second thoughts demoralize us to settle for something unacceptable and substandard.  

God gave life and love to this world……the life that we live and the love that we cherish.   What if He would have had second thoughts?