I don’t really remember when I first heard the above quote; but this has been like some guiding light for me ever since. I think it dates back to my school years, especially those examination quarters. At times I take some time to ponder over words and these phrases which other wise would seem to be just a sentence but have a deeper meaning. This in particular has always motivated me….pushed me forward. During the hours when I was discouraged and wanted to give it all up, this reminded me that I can’t give up without giving it my best shot. That’s what life is all about………

Give your best and don’t worry about the rest.

I have always been the go-getter girl, mainly because of my mom who always encouraged me with her saying “If someone can do it….so can you”. I can actually credit all my achievements to them both – mom and dad: Mom for her constant pushes and Dad for his never ending trust and faith in me. Time and again they reminded me the importance of being worthy of my actions……having confidence in my abilities and remembering always that even when not all shall be in my hands ……. even if the whole universe conspires against me, I should always trust and believe that it is ME who can make a difference and I shall leave no leaf unturned to ensure it.

Those who believe sky is the limit; have a very limited imagination.