A successful marriage requires a mix of Compatibility, Chemistry, Commitment, Community, Communication and Compassion.

Compatibility – A set of interests and values that establishes a common ground between two people

Chemistry – Indefinable attributes that make two people ‘click’ with each other

Commitment – An explicit and implicit understanding that both partners are dedicated to making the relationship work

Community – A network of family and friends to support and nurture the relationship

Communication – An effort to express feelings and share experiences with each other

Compassion – A human quality that becomes all the more important for developing a successful relationship

Various findings indicate that different people give different weightage to the above factors in their description of an ideal life partner and consequently they are looking for different things in an ideal match making solution. Which one is the most important ?? I guess the answer varies from person to person. I would give Commitment and the ability to Communicate the top priority. What about you ?