Humans, as we know them, change almost every other minute, adapting to the changes in their aura. In the course of our lifetime we undergo so many natural metamorphosis processes, that it is harder for even us to keep track of them, leave aside the people around us who in some way or another get affected by them. The question that we need to sit and ponder is: To what extent is this change really desired or required? 

If I sit and observe my own life, I have constantly been adapting to my changing environments. After living for over 15 years in one house, when we shifted to the university residence allotted to my dad, for the first few days, I just could not feel at home there. Every wall, fixture, door, space and even my own new room seemed so alien. While coming back from school, subconsciously, I used to still route towards my old home. In due course, I learnt to adapt and just got accustomed to the new surroundings. With new and better houses being allocated to my dad in the coming years, we moved to three different homes until we relocated to our now home. It is just so surprising that it was no longer hard to adjust after each successive move. As if in the process of this new evolution, the “adjust to change Chip” got installed on my processor board.    

Another milestone in my life came the day that I moved to US for my Masters. A major move I must say. Especially after a negligible hostel experience and having been cuddled under the family umbrella 24×7 always, a totally new country to teach me life wasn’t my idea of a change. Leaf after leaf, the colors in my life changed. With each season, from fall’s changing colors to freezing wind chills and then cool spring winds followed by the summer heat, the “Chip” kept on receiving the updates and patches. Before I even realized, I was approaching my fifth year anniversary in this country. Full 5 years. Last month, when I visited my family back home, my dad and I had a chat……one of the zillions……like the ones I always had with him since childhood. He now saw me as a new person all together. His kiddo daughter who seemed like a bud with all her childish whims had now bloomed into a flower and had now outgrown so many of her juvenile fancies and acquired a more mature outlook towards life.   

Another arrangement or phase that people claim change their lives drastically is a marital relation. Living together, day and night, sharing the personal space, acclimatizing to each others habits, they indeed undergo a transformation somewhere. The predilection, proximity and importance of the new person in one’s life affect his/her choices, decisions and desires. With the passing anniversaries and before the reality sinks in their minds, each of them has probably changed so much as to differ from the personalities they originally fell in love with. But they are still together, still care for each other more than ever and are still in love……So has their mutual love adapted too? 

For all these life years, and all these changes, does the person in us change from the very existence? We have adapted to different people and different surroundings, but could all these ever purport our inborn nature, our attitude, our passions, our spontaneity or to say the basic foundations of our character. Can anything or anyone ever change us from deep within?  Do we have the liberty to let any circumstance modify our basic mould? And if we do, how comfortable we would be in that alien form…..And how comfortable would our surroundings be with the New us?