After quite a long gap, yesterday, I and my salsa friends got together for dinner. Red Robins was quite a spur of the moment choice… closer / easily accessible to all.  As we were all chatting and laughing around, a 75 year old unacquainted visitor called Ted stopped by our desk. My friend Ann got a bit apprehensive about his sudden appearance. His presence was somewhat susceptible and impervious to the rest of us too. After a few casual greetings and introductions (he happened to be a RR employee and a magician), he asked us if he could pull a chair and join us for a while till our meal arrived. In the absence of any apparent objection from our side, he proceeded with his desire. He started off with some magic with sponge balls. He squeezed two sponge balls and put them on Laura’s hand and then asked her to close it. He then asked Ann to wiggle her fingers over Laura’s hand and boom; there were three sponges in her hand. Ann gave a ridiculing smile so he repeated the same on her hand. Then he had some tricks with moving keys and bending spoons and forks. He said over and over again that magic is all about mind over matter. Also that with your mind, without even uttering a word, u could manipulate what the other person was thinking.

We had a nice time pondering over his tricks over our meals, long after he left. Apparently he performs there every Wednesday. He also stopped by again to ask us to be back the coming wednesday with a card pack and two sets of dice to see more Magic – MindoverMatter 🙂


 Red Robins  


I am reminded of another jolly good quotation :   If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter 🙂