Of all God’s creations, the most intriguing is the one he bestowed with a brain. And then may be he created a balance in the head and heart.

Why is it that one who has the brain tends to be so small at heart?

The more success he achieves, the prouder he gets; whilst a tree loaded with the blossom and the fruit, bends over to share the boon.

The more he grows the loner he is, with his fake pride and ego as the only companions. The more a tree grows the shadier it gets surrounded by the passer-bys to relax and refresh.

The more he has, the more he looks down upon the unfortunate; whilst the clouds so gladly shed off the extra water to irrigate the lands below.  

So, did the extra organ which was supposed to give him the ability to judge the right and the wrong, actually cause him to lose the noblest virtue of all – his humility?  

Shouldn’t, on the contrary, he feel blessed of so much that he has…to cherish.  

The ability to see the flowers bloom…….

The ability to hear the birds sing……..

The ability to feel the butterfly sit…….

The ability to walk by the creek…..

The ability to embrace the seasons…….

The ability to hold closer the ones he loves….. 


             Make a wish……Beg for humility.

I am so blessed………. and so are you

Cherish and embrace, the way I do

It’s a short life and a smaller chance

To feel from the soul the happiness so true