Before the feeling of guilt for deserting my blog and depriving it of my own creations, is stamped all over my soul, I would want to touch base with it and jot down my thoughts/feelings and experiences which definitely deserve the eminence my blog exposes them to. Also don’t want to fall short on my readers’ expectations who might have tried venturing out here in vain over the past couple of weeks. So here I present a narrative of my journey ….. A discovery into the soul intrigued by the greatest of all – Nature

This past weekend, I was off on my first vacation in almost 8 months. Last time when I left my loft to venture into the vastness little further from my vicinity into the far lands was way back around Thanksgiving. Oh no….please I am not the geek or the slacker kinds who just likes being a couch potato or like being confined in 4 walls. The nature admirer that I am ……the confinement would be a misery. But to my dismay, work and work put me into some sort of Dearborn arrest. So this past vacation was something I enjoyed and embraced with all my heart. Not to hurry in things, I even took an extra day off to relish the time I would spend at a place which made me realize the diminutive stature of humanity as a whole.

Apart from couple hours drive in my vicinity and/or friends visiting me, it had been long that I flew out. My cabin suitcase had started accruing a thin layer of dust somewhat invisible to the eyes still boasting off the negligence bestowed on it so unwillingly. Packed all the possible necessities a day before in an attempt of executing the optimization plan (which I unintentionally learnt from a friend who is on the go every week for his consulting job). Friday was another busy day @ work and I guess its Murphy’s law that whenever you ask for an easy going day…..its the one loaded with all possible issues that could bother and keep you on your toes. I had planned an early start in desire for an early relief. Reached the airport just in time to go through the security checks smoothly and board in time. Just a mention, but Security check post is the place where u wish u hadn’t carried so much…. particularly you wish you would have not decorated yourself…especially with those steel bangles/jewelry, metallic framed belt and athletic laced shoes. All in all, I boarded the flight with all my co-passengers voicing their harsh opinions about the heat wave in Michigan, when ironically we were heading west …..towards the land known for heat…..Phoenix, Arizona.