It’s been sometime that I sat and wrote something which wasn’t anywhere related to a verse. Something direct from heart and still in its raw form not published in some sort of polished lexis. I often just sit and stare at the computer screen when I am working on some logic and trying to concentrate hard.  Those times, I sometimes just wander off somewhere, not physically but mentally.  Or when I am sitting at home just got some job accomplished and am now relaxing with a gravity zero workspace and still my mind and thoughts are not at rest. At times, during these “unfathomable” moments, if I happen to have a paper and pencil in hand, I tend to design, scribble or sketch something……something which might not make any sense at all. Like a stature with a bird head and a dolphin bottom or a flower with an ambi (raw mango) shape as the stem, or a face sitting with sealed lips with an incessant stream of questions in her eyes, or a continuous cursive inscription from a-z…where if I continue with the flow then I cant point the I’s and the j’s and cant cross all t’s….And if I stop to cross the t’s and point the I’s, I might actually be breaking the flow.  

I hope I didn’t lose my readers here. I guess the point I am trying to make here is about those moments which are so mystifying and I am not actually thinking about anything in particular…..but still sub-consciously my mind is wandering near and far. Pondering upon some things going on in my life, imagining something for the future and then reverting it all back and forth, remembering some past moments and then wishing they came back and world just stopped at a decimal there, accepting a change and then debating about which is better, one that I lived through or the one which is still unknown and I might be venturing into.  What’s right and what’s not? What does the future hold for you? The surprise element is good but, at times, don’t u want to see through that mist ? Is life all about this confusion and bedazzlement? Or do we actually ever have a clear vision. Are there any corrective glasses for getting that perfect view? Those moments of perfect equilibrium……do they actually exist or is it another of our illusions?