Last day… … the memorable one  

Today was our last association together. The term ends and so do the sessions. Their school closes for the term end and shall now commence in September. From this point onwards we can still maintain contact via email and phone but meeting face-to-face would be abstinent. Our meeting out of work/school requires more level of permissions and community based background checks. Even my willingness to go through that cannot make it feasible. ( to know the reason, read further.) 

One last time for BBBS, I drove to the HQ building from where a bunch of us volunteers boarded the shuttle to embark towards the school. Students were also assembling in the routine class room. Farewell day, BBBS served us pizza and tropical juice for our appetite. They also gave us our snaps they clicked last time for memoirs and a certificate of "Volunteer" appreciation to the "Bigs" and a Company back-pack to all the "Littles".  


Our activity today was beads jewelry and games. So we got the beads and chess as a reserve. We were eating pizza and she was telling me all about her school exams, how her term ended, her friends, her plans for going to the theme park at Cedar Point and her summer. We started with making the bead bracelets. I pretended that I was new to the art and Kenisha so joyfully offered to teach me. She made one for me while guiding me on how could I make for her. Then followed the necklace crafting. This time when I was designing it, she sat in amazement wondering and exclaiming that I am a fast learner ;). She presented me with her creations. These two handcrafted pieces are now my cherished gifts. When I gave her the ones I made for her, she said ……..I don't like them…………I love them 🙂 See…..She knows how to give immense joy.     

She also broke the news that she is moving to Virginia for good along with her family. So that implies that I wouldn't be re-associated with her for the next term even if I continue to volunteer for BBBS. I couldn’t get her a parting gift. We were not allowed to, so as to maintain consistency and avoid disappointment for those Littles whose Bigs didn't. Not even a card. 😦   

All good things come to an end so that they can give way to new ones. Kenisha is moving for good to Virginia. Her brother-in-law got a job there and moved there two months back. Now her sister, brother and herself have wrapped things up here in Michigan and are U-Hauling to
Virginia around 20th of this month. She'll be going to the 8th grade there.   

Every moment I captured from this short term has imbibed prints in my heart. I don’t know how much she was able to benefit from our association, but somewhere down deep, I definitely changed. And I credit her for all that change. In this world, while juggling between work and life, we burn the bridges down with the childhood innocence, kind selfless gestures, soothing smiles and heart felt greetings. This association helped me resurrect those back into my life hence facilitating the birth of a new "me".