Our Second last rendezvous for the term…..…..K&K playing with M&Ms 

The organization BBBS emailed us the agenda they planned for us for this week. They had a Maths activity planned. A Ford employee had volunteered to implement his idea of teaching the kids mathematics using M&Ms. Oh yeah… I am referring the chocolates here.  

So they got some mini packs and distributed a packet each amongst the Big-Little pairs. The task for the little was to count all M&Ms grouped by colors and then add them up to find the total. He then asked each one of us the totals and also the color individuals. Noteworthy, according to him, was the fact that none of the counts matched. Some packs had 19 M&Ms while some others had 23. Some had 8 reds or browns while others had none of that color. The whole idea behind this exercise was to tell the students that you could make a graph of random probability. I have to admit, it wasn't that interesting. So I wasn't expressionless when Kenisha pecked at my shoulder to say that the other "Big" (the volunteer lady sharing our table space along with her little ) says that the guy is a big Bore. The only suggestion I could offer Kenisha then was that you should respect everyone who is teaching you something (who knows someday you might get a chance to appreciate it.).  I just hope she understands it….in time.

After the exercise we got to eat more M&Ms and then we got our picture clicked together for the frame we designed. I might be able to get a digital copy for my blog.

So I am eagerly awaiting this coming session. There's some nostalgia too. Its our last meeting for the term. The possibility of us getting matched together as a "big-little" pair next year ? hmmmmmmmm…… may be may be not. As for now, this coming summer, I'll miss looking forward to our lunch hour every friday.