Life – a series of moments bound together with our breaths form a garland called life.  

We look back and ponder. Its more like a journey, we start with some loved ones who hold our hands and board along with us assuring our safety. And then after a few destinations, the time comes when we have to part our ways to accomplish some tasks. Then our loved ones wish us good luck and convey their best wishes. And there we start another phase.  

We come across so many varied kinds of people, develop acquaintances with many, befriend some and relate our minds and hearts with a selected few. These bonds that are formed are not of blood but of feelings – some of need, some of ethics and some of trust and faith. Some are for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime.  

With some we feel very comfortable sharing our joys and sorrows, our excitements and exuberances. We cherish them and pray they are with us for life. While some others are nice and congenial, but their companionship further doesn't really seem to be viable. We have to part as we have different destinations. Our journey is not the same, our personal legends are different. So we have to bid farewell and wish them success, wellness and God's blessings and move on. Not all relations are meant for life. Some are just for a reason. They can't be seasonal and they can't be life-long. This farewell seems sad, but that's destiny and we live with it trusting thee, as that's for the betterment of all involved.  

We attain peace only by accepting that which is divinely resolute and believing that whatever happens does for good.