Our third meeting together!!

A long break (almost a month) during which we both went through a couple of crests and troughs, joys and tough times, code reviews and exams, friend get-togethers and family vacations.

Kenisha had her exams and spring break vacation. She didn’t really talk much about her exams but yes was enthusiastic about the time she spent with her brother and her sister's family. Her eldest sister fills the void her mother's expiry caused in her life a couple of years ago.  Her best recalled moments are the ones she spent with her mother. 😦 And undoubtedly, if Fairy God mother comes to grant her a wish, all she desires is her mother back.

Now we are not strangers. We are not just acquaintances. We have evolved a step further.

This meeting of ours we signed a paper agreement to abide by the regulations of "BBBS" which prohibits us to meet outside the school premises. We can still be in touch via emails and phone. I had a "Bring children to work" day at my work on April 27th. How much I wished I could have brought Kenisha along. But these regulations……yeah I know these were made keeping many things in mind and for the betterment of the program. But that’s the way it goes…….it would have been so good for Kenisha and it would have given us another sense of belonging.  Ahh anyways!!

So this time we had board games at hand to play. She had already eaten her lunch, so I pushed mine aside for later. We had full time to play and study. We played Pick-Up sticks, Doctor/Specialist board game and Connect Four. Then she showed me what she is doing in Maths these days. She hates mathematics and I love it. Perfect contrast :p

Number line additions and subtractions……it seems like a kid play now. I am sure I would have freaked out on that crookedly straight 😉 number line once or twice at-least when I was that age.  🙂 And today I sat there, winking at those same numbers.

A couple of new things I learnt about her today. Her full name (including the middle), her nick and yes of course, our only outside-school contact…..her email address!!