With just a moment's pause
would like to put you to test
Amongst all the friends you got
Which ONE you'll call your best

Did I make you wonder
How well could you guess?
Who u'll bestow the title
Without ending in a mess.

Let me help you out
Go down your memory lane
Relive some lost moments
The decision'll then be sane.

What's the vision of your eye,
The optician's report shall show
Reason behind the twinkle,
Only the best one would know

The stethoscope used by 'Med',
Could gauge your heart beat rate
But who made it beat faster,
Best friend would recall by-date

To spy the cosmetics you buy,
The pharmacist would be our pro
But best friend would be the one,
We'd inquire about your glow

Any friend on list on blogger,
Knows what u wrote on the blog
The best one could write in press,
what goes on in your thought

Your monthly bill would point,
the salon that does your brow
Best friend would sense afar,
Surprises that make you crow

Your dresser stocks the cream,
You use to defy your age
Best bud knows the dream,
That wakes u up in rage.

The guy that makes u crazy,
The love that feels so pure
You'll rush to tell the Best one,
Even when you are still unsure

The world loves your smile,
Your success is cheered by all
"Best" stands by your failure,
And holds you, least you fall

The stress that makes you anxious
The crush who makes u blush
You bet your best would know
What makes ur adrenaline rush.

The best one is so precious
Undoubtedly its clear
Never hurt that one soul
Your heart holds so dear

— Khushi