For those who know me well, know that I have an undying aptitude for challenges.

For days, I wondered looking at the wall standing tall in my aerobics center, pretending to be a rock. My busy routine of aerobics after 10 hours of work actually left me pretty drained out most of the days. But, yesterday was different. My aerobics instructor was out for Easter vacation and the substitute hadn’t really shown up. So there I was……staring at the wall. Those few routine calories that needed a fierce burn-up were tingling my stomach……they didn’t want to turn into fat and hug me as a tire. They wanted an outlet. Hence began my tryst with the rambler in me.


With a few straps tucked around me as my refuge and clinging to the brawny and stiff rope, I started climbing one step at a time. A perfect analogy to how we should take our life’s challenges… step at a time. 🙂

Stepping on the joints, I kept pushing all my body weight by means of my arms and mostly legs. The tryst was just a couple of minutes, but its memories in terms of my muscle cries were a bit more prolonged ;).

Watching people doing that seemed like a fantasy,

And actually doing it was a sense of achievement.

What was just a chance out of routine would probably now end up as a once a week routine. What better could the "Me" rambler aspire for ?…….Heights !!!  

P.S: { The word Rambler only rhymes with a Gambler…….any other resemblance in the words whatsoever is purely your imagination. 😉 }