my second day with Kenisha:

Second rendevous…..
No goose bumps and no nervousness. Actually I was eagerly looking forward to lunch time with anticipation of meeting her as well as quenching my hunger with the tasty Biryani courtesy a friend (I am lucky for having friends after all not everyone gets a packed delicacy lunch 🙂 ). When the "Big" team reached Ruddiman School, the "Littles" weren't yet done with their class. It took them a couple of minutes to reach the designated area.

Me and Kenisha still had a little incomplete questionairre about our likes/dislikes from last time…so we did that and exchanged the papers before we started today's exercise. BBBS people had another activity planned for this second visit too. Actually a game which could help the kid's mathematical skills grow. Our activity was a set of three games of probability. The first one was a toss of a single coin, and finding the expected versus the gained outcomes. Second was an extension to the first one….toss of two coins. For both these games, I taught her the concepts of theoretical probability. Then we wrote down the expected outcomes and probability of either of us being the winner and then we actually tossed the coins. And I gladly lost the chance game to the cute kid.

The third game was : Rock, paper and scissors. I don't really remember playing this game in India when I was a kid. But its real fun. Paper defeats a rock, a pair of scissors defeats a paper and rock defeats a pair of scissors. A circle goes on. The gist being that no one choice could actually be a winner always made this game quite fair.

Kenisha doesnt really like maths and when i question her regarding that, she very innocently says "oh i forget"……once and twice….the third time……i was "Cmmon Kenisha……you havent forgotten this …. think …i am waiting" and guess what she hadnt really forgotten. 😀

Children back in India are exposed to formulae, prohibited use of calculators and higher levels of mathematics at quite an early age as compared to kids here. No wonder the intellectual disparity in problem solving.

I learnt two more passions that Kenisha possesses. Hair do (the african american brait making)  and  Dancing (heel-toe). And I must say she is very good at both. I was touched when she actually got a model face on which she is practising the braits to school on friday just to show it to me and she did it superbly. If some day I plan to get them done on my hair, she would unreluctantly be my first choice 🙂

Next three weeks, their school is off for spring break. So now I shall be seeing her next on May 5.

An introduction at first is now a bond because of the second 🙂

P.S. — By the way … did you know that Ruddiman Middle School was named for "Edsel Ruddiman," Henry Ford's best friend? In fact, Henry named his son, Edsel Ford I, for his good friend. And great-grandson and Ford Motor Company board member Edsel Ford II was named for his grandfather!