Accepted in BBBS mentorship 

A few days back I wrote about my idea of volunteering as a mentor for a school student via Big Brothers Big Sisters. They interviewed me for my abilities and aptitude. Also they wanted to frame out my personality traits and hobbies so that if they deem me fit, they can find the most suitable student match.  They also called for my referrals and which included my manager, a colleague and a friend.

Today, I have been congratulated to be chosen among the few who'll be volunteering in the program. I was glad to see their email but when the news actually sank in, it ran a chill down my spine. The same nerve…….Believe me I am really very excited about it and am looking forward to it. But inside somewhere I am very apprehensive about it…….what would the kid be like, would we be able to relate with each other. Would I be able to understand him/her fully and guide accordingly. What if this …what if that………..oooooooh. Its the anxiety and an unforeseen expectation.

🙂 Not fully though, but still I guess today i know what first timer to-be parents go through…..hehehhe