Maitri dot Com

Folks and friends
compel into disarray
“over 21 and Still single ?”
they force them to foray

To a territory so vast
dot com as the aides
Harmony, e-match or jeevansaathi
wherever the crowd cascades

A partner to find
Not a career to orient
They set out to foster
hopeful for life’s ascent

Just a free account online
They put on their hats
Start browsing profiles
And filter out the brats

Zillions of options
Hundreds to confuse
Finally manage a list
To meet and choose

Some cool and trendy
But poor at household
Others great at delicacies
But not confident and bold

Click icon to contact
And pops up a note
“Be a premier member
And then send a quote”

Shell out a hundred bucks
Become special in the crowd
Start emails and chats
Some wink some pout

From far across miles
Couples meet and date
Who When finds “THE” one
Is destiny and fate

How good is the media
If authenticity is in doubts
It does widen the horizon
And offers diverse routes

Its not on this earth
matches are made up there
There’s hope in HIM
Each HE made as a pair

Be on the look-out
Cheer and don’t frown
En-route is your love
To sparkle your Crown